Sponsored Webinar

The WAN-IFRA Webinar Series partners with global media visionaries and delivers new learnings and training on a myriad of topics to our members. These industry experts will bring you insight on creating growth opportunities and tackling current challenges.

As the media landscape is constantly changing, it is helpful for our members to connect with fellow publishers and industry insiders, and to be involved in the discussion. Our webinar platform enables our members to be engaged with our panelists and to ask them critical questions affecting their organization.

Sponsor one of our webinars and increase your brand awareness, support us in educating the marketplace, achieve measurable results and obtain a list of qualified leads!

Pre webinar

WAN-IFRA 2 dedicated marketing mailings / newsletters will be issued to inform our audience of the webinar.  

WAN-IFRA dedicated webinar page mentioning each webinar sponsor.

Webinar registration

Sponsor logo mentioned during the registration process.

Sponsor mention on both online confirmation page / email as well as in all reminder emails.

During webinar

Sponsored is entitled have 30 seconds to 1 minute time at the opening of the webinar for an informative pitch of their products and services. A company slide will be displayed on screen while this takes place.

Together with WAN-IFRA's logo, the sponsor logo will be featured in the frame of the webinar viewing screen.

Post Webinar

A thank you email to participants featuring the logo of the sponsor and their contact details.

Contact list of the participants of the webinar sent to the sponsor. (subject to participants agreement when they sign up for the webinar)

"Sponsoring a WAN-IFRA webinar was a huge win for Crowdynews. Working together, we created a webinar that attracted 300+ registrants. A great team whom we look forward to partnering with again in the future."

Sue LeClaire, Marketing Specialist, Crowdynews

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